The Duke Abides

By principle I don’t watch remakes of films, particularly ones that were done well in the first place. Lately I’m hearing news that filmmakers want to redo a couple of 4:20 matinee classics like Rocky Horror and Yellow Submarine, and I have to ask…why? Some might argue that the original show a bit of age, but I don’t believe it’s necessarily true of every older film. You look back on iconic roles and stories, and you have to wonder if CGI and technological bling can make the story any better. It may make them louder and flashier, but at the end of the day I can’t see anybody else playing Rocky Balboa by Sly, or anybody other than Harrison Ford steering the Falcon.

I’ll admit, though, this trailer for the Coen Brothers’ True Grit has me thisclose to changing my tune. The original, of course, was John Wayne’s biggest role, won him all the awards. The updated version features a number of my favorite actors. Check out the trailer:

Blows you away, doesn’t it? The Duke abides. We’ll have to wait for Christmas to see how Jeff Bridges stacks up against Wayne. Until then, we’ll always have the Dude:

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