Fabulous Faviola

Mary Jane girls are beautiful, vibrant, and fun to be with. We started The Art of Mary Jane magazine for the purpose of not only informing the public about the benefits of cannabis and hemp in a society that needs these resources for better lives, but to highlight the beauty around us. We have been blessed to know that so many real Mary Jane girls out there want to be part of the Mary Jane peace and love revolution.

The lovely Faviola was highlighted in our June, 2011 issue, with Tommy Chong on the cover. If you think she looks great, imagine receiving a magazine subscription where photospreads of gorgeous women and delicious buds arrive regularly in your mailbox or digital reader. The Art of Mary Jane seeks to share the beauty, one issue at a time. Check out our main site for subscription information today!


Megan Renee – Mary Jane Goddess

This interview appeared in a recent issue of The Art of Mary Jane Magazine. To read more about beautiful Mary Jane girls, subscribe today! This is an excerpt of our talk with Megan Renee.

AoMJ: Why do you think it’s important to legalize marijuana?

MR: I think it is important to legalize marijuana because it is obviously something that helps others in need of it and also, why should it not be legalized? The government spends so much money on going after innocent civilians who smoke a little pot when there are murderer and rapists out there. Alcohol is something that sits on shelves at any corner store you go to, yet marijuana will put someone behind bars.

AoMJ: What are your aspirations in life, how has your career in modeling changed your perspective?

MR: I would like to one day be able to give back in a way. I’d like to work with kids in need. I’ve always loved kids and it would be nice to work with them. Another goal of mine is to have my own clothing line. I’d like to design and be a part of a line that makes it big.

AoMJ: What is your favorite strain?

MR: It would be very hard to choose just one strain…but a strain that is on the top of my list would be Grand Daddy Purple.

AoMJ: How was it shooting with The Kottonmouth Kings?

MR: They were all super nice and respectful. They are awesome to shoot with! They have a lot of character and personality.

Back in the Saddle Again

We want to take this moment to thank everybody who has supported us over the last several months. Great things are happening over the Casa de Mary Jane. We have launched the print editions of The Art of Mary Jane, the best weed culture magazine around, are we’re getting some love in the 420 community. We’ve done interviews and photo shoots with Tommy Chong and the Kottonmouth Kings, we’ve hit some trade shows, and now Mary Jane is on newsstands and specialty shops around the world! Try your Barnes and Noble and look for us, but you’ll have better luck (and savings) if you subscribe.

We’re looking for the best weed sites on the web interested in helping us spread the word, too. We have banners for our site, and don’t forget to like us on Facebook. In the meantime, we’ll work on getting back into the groove here and keep you updated on cannabis culture and beautiful Mary Jane girls!

December Issue is Up!

Cannabis is as old as time itself. It’s said that God doesn’t make mistakes, and that He created all the animals and plants. This logic can only conclude that cannabis is no mistake – it’s here for reason, and many people find that reason is helping them deal with physical pain, insomnia, depression, and a host of other ailments.

The December issue of The Art of Mary Jane is now ready for your reading and viewing pleasure. We have the most incredible photo spread of model Chloe Hemmat surrounded by hookahs brimming with God’s greatest creation, plus insightful articles on cannabis use during the time of the Bible. You’ll definitely find things in here you weren’t taught in Sunday school!