Philip Seymour Hoffman – Drugs = Death, Cannabis = Life

The late great Philip Seymour Hoffman became horribly addicted to opiate prescription drugs which later turned into full out heroin addiction. Every day the media reports on marijuana activism. Go into Google and check their news search engine for “marijuana” and you’ll find articles on different states putting legalized or decriminalized cannabis on some ballot. Occasionally we’ll find a piece on how cannabis has actually helped somebody improve his quality of life…or else how it could have worked.

Tommy Chong spoke out about Whitney Houston’s death, and how it may have been prevented if she stuck with weed over harder drugs and prescriptions. We’ve long admired Chong for his activism and talent, and we have to say he hit the nail on the head with his observations. We don’t really know what goes into pills and fabricated drugs, but we do know what it can do to the human body as opposed to something natural like cannabis. We can argue about Whitney’s drug use for years, but at the end of the day she still won’t be here. Tommy, who stuck with weed, is.

In Colorado, a teen suffering from a rare muscle disorder has found relief through medical marijuana. According to the article, the combined use of marijuana and cannabis-infused foods have helped his condition greatly, but his school is giving him a hard time with his medication. As a result, he’s had to leave. So while the boy’s health has improved, he feels the stigma of being an outcast. Recently hundreds of families with children that have incurable epileptic seizures have flocked to Colorado with miraculous proven results bringing seizures down from 30,000 episodes a month to a couple seizures a month.

Funny, how some of us don’t think twice about handing our kids pills that do who-knows-what and can cause all sorts of side effects, but a natural remedy is frowned upon. MMJ helped restore this teen’s life, and it is bringing quality of life to hundreds of children in Colorado.

It could save yours one day. Think about that before you go to the voting booth.


Marijuana and the Suicide Rate

We don’t have to show you the poster of death statistics, where fatalities linked solely to marijuana use are far outnumbered by those connected to alcohol, heroin, and cocaine. We could also talk until we’re blue about how certain properties of cannabis have been shown to alleviate pain and other symptoms associated with various diseases. The research is documented, and of course we’ll continue to reiterate in order to get lawmakers to listen to us. Right now, though, we’re interested in this story about how medical marijuana may help reduce the suicide rate.

We’ve been hearing a lot about suicide in the last year or so. Seems every time we pull up the news feed we have to read about how a bullied teen chose death over life, and that is certainly depressing. Given the current state of the economy, the unrest of the people as defined by the many “Occupy” protests around the nation, and it’s no wonder that we don’t hear about more deaths. To know that cannabis use could help some gives us hope – it is truly a natural medical wonder, and one can imagine how a turnaround in attitude can improve the nation as a whole.

We legalize marijuana, we create a new industry and new jobs. People find the help they need for depression with less harmful side effects. Everybody wins! This is why legalization must remain an important issue in the coming election. The help is here, we need to wake up and acknowledge it.

Bobbie Carson writes about stoner culture and marijuana news, and Mary Jane girls.

Talking to Grandma About Marijuana

The title of this blog post sounds odd, doesn’t it? Growing up, we’ve been bombarded by public service ads designed to get parents to talk to their kids about drug addiction, but now there is a non-profit out there called The Silver Tour dedicated to educating seniors about medical marijuana use. As we get older/better we become more susceptible to illness and aches, and proponents of cannabis want our elders to know that there are ways to combat the pains associated with aging that don’t involve expensive pills.

I will admit it’s been difficult to watch my parents age. Every time I visit their hair appears grayer and they don’t move around as agilely as they once did. I have to speak up at times so they can understand me, and I should expect to make certain concessions to accommodate their age. We knew this going into life that it ends eventually, but all I’d want for my parents is for them to remain as vital and alert as I remember them. If that means suggesting alternative methods of treatment to improve their life, you know I’m going to bring it up at Sunday dinner!

Now, my parents hold the belief that drugs = bad. The word marijuana conjures images of gun-toting drug runners and slack-jawed stoners who can barely lift a finger to change the channel. Yes, we laugh at the stereotypes and goofy pictures on Tumblr, but we know at the end of the day that marijuana offers healing properties that Big Pharma can’t necessarily duplicate. How do we guide our parents and grandparents past the negative stereotypes to educate them on natural healing? From the time we are children, we have been taught that healing comes in an amber tube and a tight white lid – that’s not necessarily true. If groups like The Silver Tour can reach our older generations and let them know they don’t have to live with pain, perhaps that thought will trickle down to the rest of us. If my parents decided to try medical cannabis I would certainly not be ashamed. I’d be proud to know that my parents keep open minds to alternative healing.

Bobbie Carson


From the Editor – Our Latest Issue

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The Art of Mary Jane is so special, it is a gift to the world. We became really tired of models and marijuana being used in a stereotypical perception. So many models from all over the world showed their love for Mary Jane. Why have we had such a huge acceptance? It’s because we are defining the highest form of Hollywood glamour, class and style mixed with Mother Nature. Call it 35% sophistication, 35% urban and 30% love. It was so amazing when we heard that women 30 to 45 view our website most from work! This is a new paradigm shift, one that is moving in a true positive impact to society. This is the Garden of Eden, people act like they were born with their clothes on. Wake up and smell the Mary Jane flowers of love in your face.

We must use our freedoms as a guiding light! So we here at The Art of Mary Jane are fighting for women’s rights to show their love for Mary Jane and they aren’t ashamed to show beauty and a little skin. It’s all natural, baby!

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Hunger Games Actor Defends Miley Cyrus

With all the recent news of celebrities and drugs hitting the wires, it was no surprise to us to see a throwback to Miley Cyrus’s association with the herb. On and off-again boyfriend Liam Hemsworth, whom we’ll see inThe Hunger Games with stoner Woody Harrelson, sort of came to her defense, though didn’t necessarily condemn or condone her use of cannabis.

Truthfully, Cyrus is of age now and in charge of herself. Considering how prescription drugs and alcohol likely contributed to the death of Whitney Houston, and how alcohol was definitely a factor in Amy Winehouse’s death, we would much prefer that Hannah Montana has an occasional toke instead of a fifth of gin.