Philip Seymour Hoffman – Drugs = Death, Cannabis = Life

The late great Philip Seymour Hoffman became horribly addicted to opiate prescription drugs which later turned into full out heroin addiction. Every day the media reports on marijuana activism. Go into Google and check their news search engine for “marijuana” and you’ll find articles on different states putting legalized or decriminalized cannabis on some ballot. Occasionally we’ll find a piece on how cannabis has actually helped somebody improve his quality of life…or else how it could have worked.

Tommy Chong spoke out about Whitney Houston’s death, and how it may have been prevented if she stuck with weed over harder drugs and prescriptions. We’ve long admired Chong for his activism and talent, and we have to say he hit the nail on the head with his observations. We don’t really know what goes into pills and fabricated drugs, but we do know what it can do to the human body as opposed to something natural like cannabis. We can argue about Whitney’s drug use for years, but at the end of the day she still won’t be here. Tommy, who stuck with weed, is.

In Colorado, a teen suffering from a rare muscle disorder has found relief through medical marijuana. According to the article, the combined use of marijuana and cannabis-infused foods have helped his condition greatly, but his school is giving him a hard time with his medication. As a result, he’s had to leave. So while the boy’s health has improved, he feels the stigma of being an outcast. Recently hundreds of families with children that have incurable epileptic seizures have flocked to Colorado with miraculous proven results bringing seizures down from 30,000 episodes a month to a couple seizures a month.

Funny, how some of us don’t think twice about handing our kids pills that do who-knows-what and can cause all sorts of side effects, but a natural remedy is frowned upon. MMJ helped restore this teen’s life, and it is bringing quality of life to hundreds of children in Colorado.

It could save yours one day. Think about that before you go to the voting booth.


Marijuana Goes to Ballot in Colorado

Voters in Colorado have the opportunity to make history this coming November. On the ballot: the proposition to legalize marijuana for recreational use. If passed, Colorado adults will be legally able to possess small amounts of cannabis for personal use, thereby allowing law enforcement to concentrate on more serious issues, and crime. The passing of this proposition could also pave the way for other states to follow suit if Colorado is able to demonstrate that legalization to this degree does no harm for communities.

Of course, it must pass first. This is the time for proponents of cannabis in Colorado to speak out for legalization and make your case. Whether you use for pleasure or medicinal reasons, this vote affects you regardless of where you live.


Turning the White House Green

It’s not like we’re asking the President to kick back and share a bong. If the news that questions about the legalization of marijuana stand to dominate the upcoming hangout session Mr. Obama has planned on Google Plus means anything, it’s that people are determined not to let the issue go away. The President has offered his time via social media to address issues important to the people, and the people have made it clear that legalization, decriminalization, and marijuana as medicine is important!

Just last October, Gallup confirmed that more than half of polled Americans believe cannabis should be legalized! According to Gallup this is the first time the polls tipped in favor of legalization ever, and these polls have been going on since 1969! The tide is turning,people are more education about the benefits of cannabis and hemp, and with social media allowing us the spread the message easier, who knows how many more people will vote yes to legalize in future polls.

Mr. Obama, we’re talking. We hope you’re listening.


Social Network Star Busted for Recreational “Drug”

In the award-winning film The Social Network the bong gets passed around more than once in a few scenes, but recently real life technically imitated art when one of the film’s stars was busted for possession. Armie Hammer, who played both of the Winkelvoss twins – nemeses of Jesse Eisenberg’s Mark Zuckerberg – was arrested at a border checkpoint after a small stash was found.

We read stuff like this and it makes us wonder…why put energy into arresting person, regardless of who he is, for possession of a small amount of marijuana when there are serious crimes committed and unsolved? Think of what legalization can do to eliminate the money wasted on cases like these, to say nothing of potential income to our country which is sorely needed right now. You legalize in the US, people won’t feel compelled to leave the country and spend money elsewhere.

We won’t judge Hammer for his choices in recreational activity, and hope his situation is resolved.

Can Ron Paul Legalize?

Could Ron Paul be our hope for legalization in the next administration?

While The Art of Mary Jane hasn’t officially endorsed a Presidential candidate, it is difficult to ignore where Paul stands on the legalization of marijuana. In 2007, Paul gave his support to industrialized hemp by getting behind an amendment to the Controlled Substances Act to allow farmers to plant legal hemp for every day use. We know hemp is the future – it is much more economical to use and better for the environment.

In 2001, Paul co-sponsored the States’ Right to Medicinal Marijuana Act. It’s clear he recognizes the merits of cannabis use among people suffering various illnesses. Lately, though, we’re hearing that Paul couldn’t make weed legal as President even if he wanted to. Is that true? Scott Morgan over at Stop the Drug War seems to have a good rebuttal on the subject, and it’s worth reading.

Remember, too, that your vote counts in this upcoming election. Know the issues, and know what the candidates intend to do about them before you choose. Your vote is too valuable to throw away.