The Art of MaryJane magazine attends Pre Oscar party with MBL International showcasing model Anya Bykova

The Art of MaryJane magazine covers Pre Oscar party

We will be attending a Pre Oscar party with MBL Group International for an epic forum of fashion. The highlight of the event will be showcasing high end crafted gowns with Anya Bykova a fashion model extraordinaire with fashion designer Martionii Black Label . It is our pleasure to present to you this amazing showcase with MBL-couture with an essence of styling. This event is going to be an epic fashion show of desire for the hottest high end crafted gowns. The MBL Group International/MBL-Couture is dedicated to showcasing the highest standards in fashion for A- list celebrities in Hollywood for events including the legendary Oscars and Golden Globe Awards.

Anya Bykova who is a very talented model and actress will be taking center stage to show the pinnacle of high fashion debuted by MBL Couture. Anya is truly dedicated, she loves the art of performance with a taste of sophistication and class defined by her beauty through the very essence of desire through the eye of a lens. This amazing company creates magnificent master piece gowns for actresses, with unique hair styles along with high end handbags and shoes that will be the highlight of this amazing pre oscar party. MBL-Couture has partnered with legendary companies such as Versace, Christian Dior and Louis Vuitton. Every single fashion piece is created with the highest level of craftsmanship with all products created in the United States.

Our magazine will be getting exclusive access to this amazing epic Pre Oscar party. We were so excited to see Anya with a golden vaporizer on her latest glamour fashion photo shoot, check it out at This latest shoot can show you that she loves her vaporizers This world of high end fashion meets sophistication and class with celebrities attending to have the first view of MBL-Couture’s new line. Vaporizers are now becoming a hot look with celebrities and high end models-STAY TUNED IN FOR AFTER PARTY HIGHLIGHTS.

Racquel Knight is the Editor of The Art of MaryJane magazine.