Social Network Star Busted for Recreational “Drug”

In the award-winning film The Social Network the bong gets passed around more than once in a few scenes, but recently real life technically imitated art when one of the film’s stars was busted for possession. Armie Hammer, who played both of the Winkelvoss twins – nemeses of Jesse Eisenberg’s Mark Zuckerberg – was arrested at a border checkpoint after a small stash was found.

We read stuff like this and it makes us wonder…why put energy into arresting person, regardless of who he is, for possession of a small amount of marijuana when there are serious crimes committed and unsolved? Think of what legalization can do to eliminate the money wasted on cases like these, to say nothing of potential income to our country which is sorely needed right now. You legalize in the US, people won’t feel compelled to leave the country and spend money elsewhere.

We won’t judge Hammer for his choices in recreational activity, and hope his situation is resolved.