The Art of MaryJane magazine attends Pre Oscar party with MBL International showcasing model Anya Bykova

The Art of MaryJane magazine covers Pre Oscar party

We will be attending a Pre Oscar party with MBL Group International for an epic forum of fashion. The highlight of the event will be showcasing high end crafted gowns with Anya Bykova a fashion model extraordinaire with fashion designer Martionii Black Label . It is our pleasure to present to you this amazing showcase with MBL-couture with an essence of styling. This event is going to be an epic fashion show of desire for the hottest high end crafted gowns. The MBL Group International/MBL-Couture is dedicated to showcasing the highest standards in fashion for A- list celebrities in Hollywood for events including the legendary Oscars and Golden Globe Awards.

Anya Bykova who is a very talented model and actress will be taking center stage to show the pinnacle of high fashion debuted by MBL Couture. Anya is truly dedicated, she loves the art of performance with a taste of sophistication and class defined by her beauty through the very essence of desire through the eye of a lens. This amazing company creates magnificent master piece gowns for actresses, with unique hair styles along with high end handbags and shoes that will be the highlight of this amazing pre oscar party. MBL-Couture has partnered with legendary companies such as Versace, Christian Dior and Louis Vuitton. Every single fashion piece is created with the highest level of craftsmanship with all products created in the United States.

Our magazine will be getting exclusive access to this amazing epic Pre Oscar party. We were so excited to see Anya with a golden vaporizer on her latest glamour fashion photo shoot, check it out at This latest shoot can show you that she loves her vaporizers This world of high end fashion meets sophistication and class with celebrities attending to have the first view of MBL-Couture’s new line. Vaporizers are now becoming a hot look with celebrities and high end models-STAY TUNED IN FOR AFTER PARTY HIGHLIGHTS.

Racquel Knight is the Editor of The Art of MaryJane magazine.


Philip Seymour Hoffman – Drugs = Death, Cannabis = Life

The late great Philip Seymour Hoffman became horribly addicted to opiate prescription drugs which later turned into full out heroin addiction. Every day the media reports on marijuana activism. Go into Google and check their news search engine for “marijuana” and you’ll find articles on different states putting legalized or decriminalized cannabis on some ballot. Occasionally we’ll find a piece on how cannabis has actually helped somebody improve his quality of life…or else how it could have worked.

Tommy Chong spoke out about Whitney Houston’s death, and how it may have been prevented if she stuck with weed over harder drugs and prescriptions. We’ve long admired Chong for his activism and talent, and we have to say he hit the nail on the head with his observations. We don’t really know what goes into pills and fabricated drugs, but we do know what it can do to the human body as opposed to something natural like cannabis. We can argue about Whitney’s drug use for years, but at the end of the day she still won’t be here. Tommy, who stuck with weed, is.

In Colorado, a teen suffering from a rare muscle disorder has found relief through medical marijuana. According to the article, the combined use of marijuana and cannabis-infused foods have helped his condition greatly, but his school is giving him a hard time with his medication. As a result, he’s had to leave. So while the boy’s health has improved, he feels the stigma of being an outcast. Recently hundreds of families with children that have incurable epileptic seizures have flocked to Colorado with miraculous proven results bringing seizures down from 30,000 episodes a month to a couple seizures a month.

Funny, how some of us don’t think twice about handing our kids pills that do who-knows-what and can cause all sorts of side effects, but a natural remedy is frowned upon. MMJ helped restore this teen’s life, and it is bringing quality of life to hundreds of children in Colorado.

It could save yours one day. Think about that before you go to the voting booth.

Hunger Games Actor Defends Miley Cyrus

With all the recent news of celebrities and drugs hitting the wires, it was no surprise to us to see a throwback to Miley Cyrus’s association with the herb. On and off-again boyfriend Liam Hemsworth, whom we’ll see inThe Hunger Games with stoner Woody Harrelson, sort of came to her defense, though didn’t necessarily condemn or condone her use of cannabis.

Truthfully, Cyrus is of age now and in charge of herself. Considering how prescription drugs and alcohol likely contributed to the death of Whitney Houston, and how alcohol was definitely a factor in Amy Winehouse’s death, we would much prefer that Hannah Montana has an occasional toke instead of a fifth of gin.

Social Network Star Busted for Recreational “Drug”

In the award-winning film The Social Network the bong gets passed around more than once in a few scenes, but recently real life technically imitated art when one of the film’s stars was busted for possession. Armie Hammer, who played both of the Winkelvoss twins – nemeses of Jesse Eisenberg’s Mark Zuckerberg – was arrested at a border checkpoint after a small stash was found.

We read stuff like this and it makes us wonder…why put energy into arresting person, regardless of who he is, for possession of a small amount of marijuana when there are serious crimes committed and unsolved? Think of what legalization can do to eliminate the money wasted on cases like these, to say nothing of potential income to our country which is sorely needed right now. You legalize in the US, people won’t feel compelled to leave the country and spend money elsewhere.

We won’t judge Hammer for his choices in recreational activity, and hope his situation is resolved.

Interview With Shelby Chong

This interview appeared originally in the June issue of The Art of Mary Jane Magazine.

How important is it to go green, how should we contribute to the movement?

I think it is very important that we go green. Look what happened in Japan. We have to change our whole way of thinking and the first thing people can do is stop using plastic. The ocean is being destroyed because of plastic and that’s an easy one to give up. Take a bicycle or just walk. Let’s just change! We have to change because other than that there won’t be an Earth for us to live on, because it is getting destroyed. It’s very sad for the next generation.

What is the most charming thing about Tommy?

His sense of humor, and that he’s crazy. He loves to get high and he’s a genius.

How do you inspire each other?

He helps me write my shows, so when we are on stage we sort of inspire each other to be funnier – to just let go. We study tango together and we dance and just feel the music. He is very spiritual and reminds me of that side of living, where I am a little more materialistic and he is the true hippie in the family.

When did you start pursuing comedy?

It’s been twelve years now that I have been doing standup comedy. I started because Tommy and Cheech split up and Tommy started going on the road by himself. He was lonely and so he said, Shelby come with me. I was an actress then, and I said I will but I just don’t want to hang out in the hotel, so then Tommy said you can start by doing my intro. It grew and grew, then I got to open the show for Cheech and Chong – so that’s really helped my career.

What would you say would be the best approach to the marijuana legalization movement?

Get out and vote! If everybody that smokes pot would vote it would be legalized. How many millions of people smoke pot now? A lot of people don’t admit it, but everybody smokes pot.

The more they research marijuana, the more cures they find. What approach would we need to integrate marijuana as medicine in hospitals?

We would have to get rid of all the pharmaceutical companies because they control it now, because they make a lot of money and they’re not going to make a lot of money off of pot. The whole way of thinking would have to change, or some very rich people would need to get behind pot, and lobby it and give the government money so it gets legal. That is another way, to get some very rich stoners involved.

Why is our thinking so backwards when it comes to healing plants as medicines being used as the main form of treatment?

It all comes down to money. People don’t make money off of plants and that’s what all of America is – it’s all about making money, and that’s what Tommy’s argument is, basically that if we can package it we can tax it.


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