Review: Hydroponics Group’s Grow Station

Introducing the revolutionary Grow Stations by They take home growing to an entirely new level. Working with hydroponics is great, since it allows you to grow plants indoors all year long under controlled conditions. However, with most hydroponic grow kits, there are multiple issues to deal with that will test your patience: from trying to get the lighting right, to attempting to determine what the correct temperature should be for optimum growth, to dealing with a jungle of electrical cords. All of these things make dealing with hydroponics on a commercial level  difficult and time consuming. Now, with the Grow Stations, there are no longer a million different wires to worry about, no heat build up and no worries about whether you’ll blow that electric circuit. With Hydroponics Group’s Grow Station you can kiss those worries goodbye!

The Grow Station

What makes Grow Stations stand out from any other hydroponics system in the universe, is the brains of the operation – the Master Controller. This is what gives the Grow Station the ability to expand to fit as many grow stations as you require, and each Master Controller can take care of up to three grow stations each.

The ease of assembly is another thing that sets the Grow Station apart from other hydroponics kits. The area designed for growing are a breeze to put together, and are attractive to look at as well. The inside is thickly coated with a material that is extremely reflective, each of the plants receives the optimum light for the fastest and best growth.

The outside of the Grow Station is singularly beautiful, since is it made of gorgeous cedar, enabling your grow to be secure and stealth, but good looking at the same time. Since there are two vents and internally cooled light tubes, there is never any excess heat buildup. Everything stays at the proper temperature with no work from you. The lighting is perfect for each stage of growth, and with the super advanced carbon filters, any odors are kept out of your living space.

Have a lot of clones? The bottom Level Clone Zone has enough room for as many as 101 clones. No matter how massive your grows are, the Grow Station can handle it.

When the home grower buys a Grow Station with Master Controller, he also receives an accessory pack featuring everything needed to get going right away – fans, bulbs, reservoir, growing medium, grow pots, nutrients, and so much more. With the Master Controller, taking care of growing your crops is as simple and efficient as it can be. One touch is all it takes to get started growing like a professional grower. Just set it up, plug it in, and add water. Highly recommended!

This article appeared in a previous issue of The Art of Mary Jane Magazine, the magazine of stoner culture, marijuana news, and Mary Jane girls.


December Issue is Up!

Cannabis is as old as time itself. It’s said that God doesn’t make mistakes, and that He created all the animals and plants. This logic can only conclude that cannabis is no mistake – it’s here for reason, and many people find that reason is helping them deal with physical pain, insomnia, depression, and a host of other ailments.

The December issue of The Art of Mary Jane is now ready for your reading and viewing pleasure. We have the most incredible photo spread of model Chloe Hemmat surrounded by hookahs brimming with God’s greatest creation, plus insightful articles on cannabis use during the time of the Bible. You’ll definitely find things in here you weren’t taught in Sunday school!

Review: Vapor Genie

With my last post on cannabis paraphernalia being a more expensive combustible review, this week we move towards two words that you normally don’t see together:  inexpensive vaporizer.  When I mean inexpensive, I’m talking the Vapor Genie, a sub-60 dollar vaporizer.  And get this, it works!

We’re going to add another word to those two that don’t go along. Now, say it with me, Inexpensive PORTABLE Vaporizer.  Okay, now that we’ve gotten the formalities out of the way, we can get on with the review.

I’ve got here a classic wood grain, purchased retail for only $55.  It’s a vaporizing pipe.  It looks like a pipe, but not some obvious 420 glass pipe.  It looks not all that different from something you’d seen being smoked in a den, with a snifter of brandy and reading your favorite magazine (like The Art of Mary Jane, hint. Have you subscribed today?) in a wingback chair.  So this wooden pipe has a bowl and a bubble of wood over the bowl.  In that bubble of wood is a ceramic “flame filter.” You unscrew it, and you put your herb in the lower chamber, then screw this upper bubble over it.  You apply flame much as you would to a pipe, heating the chamber, but not the herb.

Don’t get me wrong, you will screw up the first time.  There is a little learning curve to apply just the right amount of heat.  You get a vaporizing effect that you inhale through the pipe as you would a normal tobacco pipe.  The vapor has a range to it, from cool and barely there to hot, burnt-popcorn tasting stuff.  All depends on how hard you hit the flame.  So practice and once you get it right, it’s like riding a bicycle.  You want that happy medium, good vapor efficiency without approaching combustion.  If you blast this thing with a torch lighter, you will ruin it or actually combust your herb, which is not the point of this.  You want to be sure to teach people you are sharing with what to do first so they don’t burn your herb or, worse yet, burn your pipe.

Vapor Genie is available in a myriad of colors along with metal tip models, annew all glass model, and special hand-carved ones.  They range from $55-65.  This is a real vaporizer, just one that has no electronics, and uses a lighter’s flame for heat.  Despite my own misgivings, this thing does perform well and was really good at getting the most out of my herb.  As with just about all vaporizers, you want to grind finely and remember to save your spent herb.  That can be used for butter-making and baking.  Just in time for the holidays!

Pros: Fits in a pocket; Cheap
Cons: Takes practice/learning curve; Combustion occurs if not careful

Bobbie Carson writes about marijuana culture and Mary Jane girls.

Review of the Incredibowl i420

With my last review of the Magic Box Vaporizer taking you through an extremely popular non-combustible item, this week we explore a modern take on combustibles.

Okay, people, take your concepts of what a pipe or bong is, and turn it upside down, add a bit of ingenuity, and you’ve got the Incredibowl i420.  It looks like something that came out of MacGuyver’s Head Shop.  This thing is really high-tech, but easy to use.  Expensive, though.  This was purchased for $185, putting it at the higher end of pipes.  So, what you get is something that resembles a pipe, that’s for sure.  Looks more in place in a plumber’s toolbox than your stash drawer.

It’s actually clear, the bowl made of glass, but the pipe itself made of a space age polycarbonate.  There are a few screens and some space between the bowl and pipe to help cool the smoke.  You fill one end, the bowl end, you light up and you put your mouth on the open end of the pipe, and draw smoke into the chamber, much like a bong.  Instead of releasing the carb, or pulling out the bowl, the bowl end actually pulls out, spring-loaded.  9 carb holes appear and the slightest draw will rocket the smoke into your lungs with a cool wash of the air behind it.

Yes, it smokes like a decent-sized bong.  The smoke is about as cool as a 12″ bong would cool it, though this thing is much smaller and portable than that.  It will fit in a very large coat pocket.  It seems to be break resistant, though I wouldn’t drop it on purpose.  It’s well made, and I really can’t see how you’d break this with normal use.  It comes apart to clean it, and clean it you must, because this thing does have moving parts.

The breakdown:


  • Cool smoke for its size
  • Lots of smoke for its size
  • Portability and stashability good.  Put it in a toolbox!


  • The price
  • You can’t put ice in it like a bong
  • Did I mention this thing is expensive?

I’d give this a 9 out of 10, but really, this needs to get a little cheaper.  They just came out with the i420M mini model which is smaller and more value priced at around $90.

Bobbie Carson writes about cannabis culture and Mary Jane girls.

It’s 420, Turn on the TV

A friend of mine was watching The Price is Right yesterday and noted on her Facebook that she was tired of watching this chick on Contestant’s Row bid $420 on everything. I didn’t catch the show myself, but this morning I took a chance that somebody might have put clips on YouTube. Sure enough…

People who aren’t hip to the 420 reference may likely get annoyed after a while – I know I get irritated when people bid one dollar over and over. Dude, it’s a stereo, you’ve seen them at Best Buy, take a shot and try for a price closer to the real value. Not everybody is going to overbid!

Anyway, if you aren’t a regular viewer (and Drew’s not bad, but he tends to hurry the show along – to me he makes Bob look pretty laid back), you might be surprised to know “420 guy/gal” is not that uncommon an occurrence. Just search YouTube for “price is right 420” and you’ll see the list. Of course, the repeat offenders rarely get to the Showcase Showdown, but once in while the trick works:

Would I try it myself if ever I got to Contestant’s Row? Probably not. I’ll be looking for that $420 slot on the Wheel of Fortune however. 🙂