America’s Most Weed Friendly Cities

Marijuana Culture - Art of Mary Jane

This is an excerpt from an article that appeared in the June, 2011 issue of The Art of Mary Jane Magazine. Subscribe today for the best of Mary Jane girls and stoner culture.

America, the beautiful! From sea to shining sea this land of ours remains one of the most magnificent on the planet, and always made more magnificent when enhanced with a few puffs of kind bud – but make sure you know what kind of town you’re in before you light up, or you might find yourself with shwag weed, or even worse, cooling your heels in the local lock-up. Let’s examine the best cities in the country for scoring, smoking, and steering clear of the law.

San Francisco – Haight-Ashbury still crawls with counter-culture types thumbing their noses at the system, and it remains one of the easiest places to score without fear of law enforcement…

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