Marijuana and the Suicide Rate

We don’t have to show you the poster of death statistics, where fatalities linked solely to marijuana use are far outnumbered by those connected to alcohol, heroin, and cocaine. We could also talk until we’re blue about how certain properties of cannabis have been shown to alleviate pain and other symptoms associated with various diseases. The research is documented, and of course we’ll continue to reiterate in order to get lawmakers to listen to us. Right now, though, we’re interested in this story about how medical marijuana may help reduce the suicide rate.

We’ve been hearing a lot about suicide in the last year or so. Seems every time we pull up the news feed we have to read about how a bullied teen chose death over life, and that is certainly depressing. Given the current state of the economy, the unrest of the people as defined by the many “Occupy” protests around the nation, and it’s no wonder that we don’t hear about more deaths. To know that cannabis use could help some gives us hope – it is truly a natural medical wonder, and one can imagine how a turnaround in attitude can improve the nation as a whole.

We legalize marijuana, we create a new industry and new jobs. People find the help they need for depression with less harmful side effects. Everybody wins! This is why legalization must remain an important issue in the coming election. The help is here, we need to wake up and acknowledge it.

Bobbie Carson writes about stoner culture and marijuana news, and Mary Jane girls.

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