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The Art of Mary Jane is so special, it is a gift to the world. We became really tired of models and marijuana being used in a stereotypical perception. So many models from all over the world showed their love for Mary Jane. Why have we had such a huge acceptance? It’s because we are defining the highest form of Hollywood glamour, class and style mixed with Mother Nature. Call it 35% sophistication, 35% urban and 30% love. It was so amazing when we heard that women 30 to 45 view our website most from work! This is a new paradigm shift, one that is moving in a true positive impact to society. This is the Garden of Eden, people act like they were born with their clothes on. Wake up and smell the Mary Jane flowers of love in your face.

We must use our freedoms as a guiding light! So we here at The Art of Mary Jane are fighting for women’s rights to show their love for Mary Jane and they aren’t ashamed to show beauty and a little skin. It’s all natural, baby!

Racquel Knight is the Editor of The Art of Mary Jane Magazine, the premier magazine of marijuana culture and Mary Jane girls.

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