Review: Hydroponics Group’s Grow Station

Introducing the revolutionary Grow Stations by They take home growing to an entirely new level. Working with hydroponics is great, since it allows you to grow plants indoors all year long under controlled conditions. However, with most hydroponic grow kits, there are multiple issues to deal with that will test your patience: from trying to get the lighting right, to attempting to determine what the correct temperature should be for optimum growth, to dealing with a jungle of electrical cords. All of these things make dealing with hydroponics on a commercial level  difficult and time consuming. Now, with the Grow Stations, there are no longer a million different wires to worry about, no heat build up and no worries about whether you’ll blow that electric circuit. With Hydroponics Group’s Grow Station you can kiss those worries goodbye!

The Grow Station

What makes Grow Stations stand out from any other hydroponics system in the universe, is the brains of the operation – the Master Controller. This is what gives the Grow Station the ability to expand to fit as many grow stations as you require, and each Master Controller can take care of up to three grow stations each.

The ease of assembly is another thing that sets the Grow Station apart from other hydroponics kits. The area designed for growing are a breeze to put together, and are attractive to look at as well. The inside is thickly coated with a material that is extremely reflective, each of the plants receives the optimum light for the fastest and best growth.

The outside of the Grow Station is singularly beautiful, since is it made of gorgeous cedar, enabling your grow to be secure and stealth, but good looking at the same time. Since there are two vents and internally cooled light tubes, there is never any excess heat buildup. Everything stays at the proper temperature with no work from you. The lighting is perfect for each stage of growth, and with the super advanced carbon filters, any odors are kept out of your living space.

Have a lot of clones? The bottom Level Clone Zone has enough room for as many as 101 clones. No matter how massive your grows are, the Grow Station can handle it.

When the home grower buys a Grow Station with Master Controller, he also receives an accessory pack featuring everything needed to get going right away – fans, bulbs, reservoir, growing medium, grow pots, nutrients, and so much more. With the Master Controller, taking care of growing your crops is as simple and efficient as it can be. One touch is all it takes to get started growing like a professional grower. Just set it up, plug it in, and add water. Highly recommended!

This article appeared in a previous issue of The Art of Mary Jane Magazine, the magazine of stoner culture, marijuana news, and Mary Jane girls.

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