Super Snacks for the Super Bowl

Even if our team doesn’t make it all the way, we find ourselves glued to the set each year to watch the Super Bowl. It is the game that decides it all – only one team walks away victorious, and if we aren’t so lucky to get tickets or at least live within a decent driving distance of the host city, we can make a party of it at home. So whether you plan to have a few buds over for the game (and some good bud, of course), or it’s you and your trust vape, you want to have some good Super Bowl snacks on hand.

Good and healthy, that is. When we think of the Super Bowl, we remember Mom’s heavy seven-layer dips and buckets of fried chicken, lots of beer and other high-caloric treats. Eventually you’ll get the munchies if you’re toking every first and ten, so you will want to stick to foods that taste good and are good for you, and won’t make you feel guilty afterward. Hemp in particular is a great staple for a stoner’s kitchen – it’s high in protein and Vitamin E, big on fiber and the essential amino acids. It’s more digestible than other foods, and it can be used in just about anything. It won’t make you high, but it’s a healthy treat that gets you high on living.

Head over to your health food store or local Whole Foods for some of these super Super Bowl snacks:

Food Should Taste Good Hemp Chips – Crunchy with a touch of sea salt, these are great with an organic salsa.

Hippie Chips – These potato snacks are baked, not fried, and gluten free! Choose from a variety of flavors – BBQ, cheddar, and ranch, etc.

Amy’s Cheese Pizza Snacks – Stack these up against Totino’s. They are lower in fat and sodium, and higher in protein. Gluten free and delicious!

VitaMuffin VitaTops – We prefer the top of the muffin, and these low-cal treats only taste sinful. Choose from chocolate, banana, and other varieties.

Enjoy the Super Bowl, and bon appetit!



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