Turning the White House Green

It’s not like we’re asking the President to kick back and share a bong. If the news that questions about the legalization of marijuana stand to dominate the upcoming hangout session Mr. Obama has planned on Google Plus means anything, it’s that people are determined not to let the issue go away. The President has offered his time via social media to address issues important to the people, and the people have made it clear that legalization, decriminalization, and marijuana as medicine is important!

Just last October, Gallup confirmed that more than half of polled Americans believe cannabis should be legalized! According to Gallup this is the first time the polls tipped in favor of legalization ever, and these polls have been going on since 1969! The tide is turning,people are more education about the benefits of cannabis and hemp, and with social media allowing us the spread the message easier, who knows how many more people will vote yes to legalize in future polls.

Mr. Obama, we’re talking. We hope you’re listening.


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