Marijuana Goes to Ballot in Colorado

Voters in Colorado have the opportunity to make history this coming November. On the ballot: the proposition to legalize marijuana for recreational use. If passed, Colorado adults will be legally able to possess small amounts of cannabis for personal use, thereby allowing law enforcement to concentrate on more serious issues, and crime. The passing of this proposition could also pave the way for other states to follow suit if Colorado is able to demonstrate that legalization to this degree does no harm for communities.

Of course, it must pass first. This is the time for proponents of cannabis in Colorado to speak out for legalization and make your case. Whether you use for pleasure or medicinal reasons, this vote affects you regardless of where you live.



From the Editor – Our Latest Issue

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The Art of Mary Jane is so special, it is a gift to the world. We became really tired of models and marijuana being used in a stereotypical perception. So many models from all over the world showed their love for Mary Jane. Why have we had such a huge acceptance? It’s because we are defining the highest form of Hollywood glamour, class and style mixed with Mother Nature. Call it 35% sophistication, 35% urban and 30% love. It was so amazing when we heard that women 30 to 45 view our website most from work! This is a new paradigm shift, one that is moving in a true positive impact to society. This is the Garden of Eden, people act like they were born with their clothes on. Wake up and smell the Mary Jane flowers of love in your face.

We must use our freedoms as a guiding light! So we here at The Art of Mary Jane are fighting for women’s rights to show their love for Mary Jane and they aren’t ashamed to show beauty and a little skin. It’s all natural, baby!

Racquel Knight is the Editor of The Art of Mary Jane Magazine, the premier magazine of marijuana culture and Mary Jane girls.

Stoner Culture Link Exchange

We know there are many businesses out there related to stoner culture and eco-friendly pursuits. The green movement and the “green” movement don’t always go hand in hand, but we fully support businesses that work to help sustain our natural resources. We love hemp and use it as much as possible, and we want to help those of you with cannabis and hemp-related products be seen.

We have some beautiful banners for The Art of Mary Jane Magazine and we’re looking for stoner and cannabis websites for link/banner exchange.

If you can help us, we would like to work with you to create a banner exchange so people will know how to find our magazine and your great products! If you have a banner for us to display, please comment on this post or send an email to info at theartofmaryjane dot com.

Hunger Games Actor Defends Miley Cyrus

With all the recent news of celebrities and drugs hitting the wires, it was no surprise to us to see a throwback to Miley Cyrus’s association with the herb. On and off-again boyfriend Liam Hemsworth, whom we’ll see inThe Hunger Games with stoner Woody Harrelson, sort of came to her defense, though didn’t necessarily condemn or condone her use of cannabis.

Truthfully, Cyrus is of age now and in charge of herself. Considering how prescription drugs and alcohol likely contributed to the death of Whitney Houston, and how alcohol was definitely a factor in Amy Winehouse’s death, we would much prefer that Hannah Montana has an occasional toke instead of a fifth of gin.

From a Single Seed

This excerpted article appeared in the August, 2001 issue of The Art of Mary Jane Magazine, the premier magazine of cannabis culture and Mary Jane girls. If you’re interested in reading more articles like that, we invite you to subscribe to our magazine today!

Seeds have many benefits; the most helpful is that they do not introduce pests or problems into a garden like clones can. Another benefit seedlings can provide is health and vigor since sometimes clones can be old, tired, or even diseased without it showing visibly. When you start good hybrid cannabis seeds, you get to select a taste and effect that is more customized to your needs.

Many growers opt for feminized seeds since less selection and space is required to find a female plant worth keeping, but I feel the seed industry is partly to blame for heavily advertising feminized seeds as the easy way to grow. I have found nothing in life that is easier, and anytime you put in more hard work and effort, the results are always worth the extra details. The male plant is very important in breeding and many traits such as pest resistance, fungus resistance, and even potency are passed on from the male of the species.

The main reason people choose feminized seeds over regular seeds is space constraints. I have found many elite plants by starting just five seeds and selecting the best female, not only with TGA seeds but other breeders’ as well.

When selecting seeds, do some homework online and find out what real medical growers are actually raising in their gardens and not what’s being advertised by the Dutch re-sellers. Make sure you’re selecting based on grower feedback and not some huge advertisement or some fixed cannabis competition. While TGA seeds have an excellent reputation among medical growers, there are many talented breeders who not only care about their product but test extensively to ensure quality. Most are smaller breeders who cater to the medical community, however.

Feminized seeds are notorious for containing high ratios of hermaphrodites and to an inexperienced grower these can wreak havoc among your sinsemilla crop.

You would be surprised how many veteran growers have problems with getting seeds started. The most common mistake is to use a heat mat, which cooks the seeds. Cannabis is a weed and, as long as the seeds are viables, it’s hard to prevent them from germinating. I have had seeds germinate under the floor mat of a car in my youth and recently some of the seeds I deemed not viable germinated under my BBQ grill in gravel in cold winter. I see people soaking or treating the seeds in God knows what products and I just shake my head.

All a seed needs to germinate is moisture and a temperature range between 50-90 degrees Fahrenheit and you’re good to go. There are other factors involved, though, and if you germinate your seeds between 70-80 degrees you will have a better ratio of females. Warmer temperatures tend to produce more male plants.

By Subcool