Marijuana as Medicine – Toke Two and Call Me in the Morning

We can type until our fingers fall off, praising the many uses of cannabis as a medicinal aid. It makes us happy to know that some in the medical community haven’t given up hope on getting cannabis approved for legitimate use. GW Pharma, a British company, is currently seeking FDA approval for a cannabis-based mouth spray used in the treatment of oral cancer.

If such a product is approved, it could change the game for legalization altogether. When you think of how the byproducts of marijuana like THC and cannabidiol can relieve pain in patients, there’s no telling how we can work to improve the overall health of this country. How amazing is it that we are sitting on something amazing yet do nothing about helping people who truly need it?

We will definitely be watching the progress of this drug for FDA approval, and hope the government does the right thing.

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