Stoned, Stuffed, and All Santa-ed Out

So I’m trying to come up with a nice post that is relevant to stoner culture and Christmas, and I’m thinking why not focus a bit on the many Christmas specials we’ve enjoyed on TV over the years. A friend once remarked one might have to be stoned to appreciate some of the 70s weirdness in particular, and of course right away I thought of the oft-maligned Star Wars holiday special:

If there is a reason to have good smoke on hand to improve the quality of a program, this is it. Keep an eye on Princess Leia toward the end, and you might think she had a few hits before the camera rolled!

Follow the YouTube link to see the other clips from the show. Nowhere else in this lifetime are you going to see the likes of Harrison Ford, Bea Arthur and Jefferson Starship sharing the same billing.

Feeling a bit bah humbug now? I do apologize. If you need a good laugh this season you can always resort to the classics. I grew up watching Married With Children, despite my parents’ better efforts to keep me from watching it (to think, this was controversial TV once!). Yet I can thank a few holiday angels for uploading this hilarious take-off on It’s a Wonderful Life:

Click through the rest for the late, great Sam Kinison.

Lastly, it wouldn’t be a true stoner Christmas without a bit of Cheech and Chong:

Here’s hoping the jolly old elf leave something nice and fragrant in your stocking this year.



Cooking With Hemp: Healthy and Eco-Friendly

When most people think of hemp as something to include on the dinner table, likely the first reaction is shock. Many associate hemp too closely with marijuana, which like hemp is a by-product of the cannabis plant. People are apt to assume, therefore, that hemp is a drug, when in fact it is not. Cannabis is actually a genus for several species of plants in this family, and hemp is primarily derived from the Cannabis sativa plant, and contains none of the THC that gives marijuana its medicinal and recreational properties. Therefore, there is nothing wrong with having hemp-made foods in your pantry – they are as healthy as they are tasty.

Why should you include hemp in your diet? In addition to carrying all eight essential amino acids, hemp is a good source of protein, iron, and magnesium. Hemp is also environmentally friendly – the plant doesn’t deplete as much nutrients from the soil as other plants do, and food products made are diverse and useful in a variety of recipes. Just some of the wonderful things you can add to your pantry and refrigerator shelves include:

Hemp Oil – High in Omega-6 and Omega-3, this is a good substitute for olive and canola oil when cooking stir fry vegetables.

Milk – The milk derived from this product definitely doesn’t contain the hormones one is likely to find in regular cow’s milk. This is a great alternative for the lactose-intolerant.

Hemp Spread – Have a peanut allergy, but want a nice nutty-tasting spread for sandwiches. This special butter is just what you need for toast and crackers, or by itself for a treat.

Cereal – Granola style cereals made with hempseeds, dried fruit, flax, and other organic ingredients make for a healthy start to any day.

Protein Powder – For adding extra protein goodness to diet shakes, this provides nutrients you won’t find in other mixes. It also helps enhance the flavor of smoothies, too.

Don’t let the idea of using hemp in your cooking concern you. The qualities you’ll normally find in marijuana are not present, but you will enjoy the healthful properties that give you more energy and balance in your diet. Try hemp food products today!

Bobbie Carson writes about marijuana culture and Mary Jane girls.

December Issue is Up!

Cannabis is as old as time itself. It’s said that God doesn’t make mistakes, and that He created all the animals and plants. This logic can only conclude that cannabis is no mistake – it’s here for reason, and many people find that reason is helping them deal with physical pain, insomnia, depression, and a host of other ailments.

The December issue of The Art of Mary Jane is now ready for your reading and viewing pleasure. We have the most incredible photo spread of model Chloe Hemmat surrounded by hookahs brimming with God’s greatest creation, plus insightful articles on cannabis use during the time of the Bible. You’ll definitely find things in here you weren’t taught in Sunday school!

You Say You Wanna Vapolution?

Well here we are, into the Christmas and Hannukah shopping season, and searching high and low for that special 420 gift for your favorite stoner. Bear in mind, people who partake of the herb are not addicted to smoking some sort of harmful substance. In fact, many people are getting away from smoking altogether, because now it’s not necessary. There are plenty of ways to get the goodness that Cannibis Sativa has to offer from vaporizing the weed – without smoke, without carcinogens, and especially without tar. The active ingredient in marijuana is readily available by this slow, controlled heat that vaporization has to offer. So consider the gift of high, along with the gift of good health, and consider a vaporizer for your loved one.

Today we’re looking at the Vapolution. This device is kind of inconspicous, looking a bit like one of those small propane cylinders for a camp stove. It even comes in green!

The kit itself contains two bowls which utilize glass on glass heating along with two whips (tubing for inhalation) Home and car power adapters are included as well. Given the most consumed or broken parts are doubled, this is a huge plus in the package! Bowls are thin glass in most vaporizers and with misuse can easily be broken. Use care when filling.

So, time for a test. I followed the instructions carefully, noting that unlike most vaporizers, grinding of the herb is NOT recommended. The makers actually want you to use a small bud or two and leave them whole. While this is a huge convinience, as most people consider a grinder a must, I wondered whether I would get all I could get out of each bud the way I did in other vaporizers, where you’ve maximized the surface area and exposure of the pollen.

So now, with the bowl loaded, I found attaching it felt like a risky proposition. Here I am jamming glass into this hard surface and I felt like I might break it. I used care, and it worked fine. My concerns about breaking the bowl may be founded because they did give you a second one in the kit. Connecting the tubing (whip) to the bowl also felt a little stiff. In a rare RTFM moment, I discovered that you can heat the bowl in hot water to make connecting the tubing, a one-time proposition, easier. Vapolution does give you a one-time unit replacement, no questions asked, for $50.

Okay, with that behind us, I found the unit’s controls allowed vaporization range from barely there to burning. Somewhere near the 2 o’clock setting on the dial was vapor bliss. Good stuff, and I do feel – as I initially suspected – that I might not get all I can out of each bud without it being ground.

Remember, though, that with vaporization your herb can still be smoked, or used for baking AFTER vaporization. There is still plenty of active ingredient in there to use again.

So, the box score:

Price: $159

Pros: Small size, inconspicuous, good vaporization, lots of control, multiple power sources (battery pack optional for true portability), good accessories (with extras) in the basic kit, no need to grind, glass-on glass convection – best method

Cons: Parts are very fragile, need to take care when assembling and use;temptation to combust herb, because you really are only vaporizing the exterior; lack of “wow factor”  – this performs like many whip style vaporizers, albeit a very very good one. If the box-tube whip style vaporizer is what you are after, this one has it in spades.

Bobbie Carson writes about marijuana culture and Mary Jane girls.