The Stoner’s Kitchen: Top Five Pantry Staples

It’s inevitable, you’ll get the munchies. If you enjoy the bud, you’ll discover the craving for other things is heightened, and it isn’t long before you’re rummaging in the kitchen for something to curb that growling in your stomach. Now, if you’re a health conscious stoner (yes, we exist – we insist on nature’s herb for pain relief and we don’t necessarily want to spoil what good we do with endless sugar snacks) it’s important to make sure you’re stocked properly. That way if you do overeat, you won’t have done too much damage.

Healthy goodies rich in protein and vitamins are a no-brainer. You want to keep up your energy and burn off that creativity you enjoy after a nice buzz. So after you’ve fueled your mind, fill you tank with these important staples.

Peanut Butter (or any comparable nut butter): Versatile and delicious, you can enjoy nut butter as a spread on organic flax bread or celery, use it in baking, or just have a spoonful right out of the jar. Almond and cashew butters are pretty good, too, and offer the good sort of fat your body needs. Now, if you have nut allergies, don’t sweat it. Ask the clerks at your local health food store for a soy-based substitute that tastes like the real thing!

Bananas: Bananas are fat-free, rich in potassium, and also contain tryptophan, a mood-enhancing amino acid that acts as a sedative. So if you’re riding a nice mellow buzz, try a banana to complement it. Great with the aforementioned peanut butter in a sandwich, too!

Hemp Flax Crackers: Chips are great, and also full of fat. Regular crackers taste good, but may contain stuff like bleached flour and salt that isn’t. With organic hemp crackers you get a healthy does of fiber and Omega-3, so you can crunch all you want without the added guilt.

Granola: For breakfast or a late night snack, a nice combination of oats, berries, and hemp seeds fills you up and gives you a good dose of dietary fiber and Omega-6 acids. Check your local organic market or health food store for bulk granola options and keep an airtight container handy – enjoy it with milk, sprinkle it on yogurt or ice cream, or just eat it like popcorn!

Dried Fruit: Now, here you’ll want to pay attention while you shop, so you don’t buy fruits that are loaded down with sugar. Naturally dried cranberries and blueberries, for two, can be rich in antioxidants…and addictive! These are much better than eating a whole pound bag of M&Ms, and better for you.

It’s okay to be hungry, and it’s essential to eat right regardless of your current state. Keep these staples in your pantry and you’re sure to satisfy the munchies every time.


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