The Great Green Rush of California

As the old times go with the tide of the ocean, so a new generation is emerging from the mist that is made up of nature and not of chemicals. We were back then absorbed on taking resources from the land. Now, we are moving forward toward wholeness. It was the gold rush that made California a pioneer in the world market. Now there is something that far more giving and the most versatile renewable resource: marijuana.

Since Prop. 215 passed in 1996 in California, the marijuana market has grown exponentially. We are once again the pioneers. The first fold rush started when a man by the name of James W. Marshall at Sutter’s Mill in Coloma, California discovered a large amount of gold. When word spread, it brought 300,000 miners from all over, by land and sea. Regardless if legalization passes, it really doesn’t matter because it keeps growing. There is a huge and limitless demand for it.

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