Review: Vapor Genie

With my last post on cannabis paraphernalia being a more expensive combustible review, this week we move towards two words that you normally don’t see together:  inexpensive vaporizer.  When I mean inexpensive, I’m talking the Vapor Genie, a sub-60 dollar vaporizer.  And get this, it works!

We’re going to add another word to those two that don’t go along. Now, say it with me, Inexpensive PORTABLE Vaporizer.  Okay, now that we’ve gotten the formalities out of the way, we can get on with the review.

I’ve got here a classic wood grain, purchased retail for only $55.  It’s a vaporizing pipe.  It looks like a pipe, but not some obvious 420 glass pipe.  It looks not all that different from something you’d seen being smoked in a den, with a snifter of brandy and reading your favorite magazine (like The Art of Mary Jane, hint. Have you subscribed today?) in a wingback chair.  So this wooden pipe has a bowl and a bubble of wood over the bowl.  In that bubble of wood is a ceramic “flame filter.” You unscrew it, and you put your herb in the lower chamber, then screw this upper bubble over it.  You apply flame much as you would to a pipe, heating the chamber, but not the herb.

Don’t get me wrong, you will screw up the first time.  There is a little learning curve to apply just the right amount of heat.  You get a vaporizing effect that you inhale through the pipe as you would a normal tobacco pipe.  The vapor has a range to it, from cool and barely there to hot, burnt-popcorn tasting stuff.  All depends on how hard you hit the flame.  So practice and once you get it right, it’s like riding a bicycle.  You want that happy medium, good vapor efficiency without approaching combustion.  If you blast this thing with a torch lighter, you will ruin it or actually combust your herb, which is not the point of this.  You want to be sure to teach people you are sharing with what to do first so they don’t burn your herb or, worse yet, burn your pipe.

Vapor Genie is available in a myriad of colors along with metal tip models, annew all glass model, and special hand-carved ones.  They range from $55-65.  This is a real vaporizer, just one that has no electronics, and uses a lighter’s flame for heat.  Despite my own misgivings, this thing does perform well and was really good at getting the most out of my herb.  As with just about all vaporizers, you want to grind finely and remember to save your spent herb.  That can be used for butter-making and baking.  Just in time for the holidays!

Pros: Fits in a pocket; Cheap
Cons: Takes practice/learning curve; Combustion occurs if not careful

Bobbie Carson writes about marijuana culture and Mary Jane girls.

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