Liberty and Justice for All!

“We, the people” needs to resonate with everyone that steps foot in the line of the United States of America. If you tell someone that it is “we, the people” and they disagree they do not understand America and need to take a hard look at our wonderful constitution. This is why the USA has fallen to its knees, because we allow international oddities to come and they don’t fully understand what Freedom of Speech or Freedom of the Press are, or they wish to control us through propaganda. The marijuana scene coming about is just the beginning to a long journey of freeing the plants and giving them back to society.

It is incredibly disproportionate thinking when we can barely get one plant to be a healing medicine. It is an uphill battle against God-like complexes. The egos are so big they don’t care about anyone but themselves. This is what we need to separate ourselves from. Everyone should devote their life to charity and giving and the world would instantly change to the new age of Aquarius, or the age of Enlightenment. Become spiritually connected through Mother Nature. That is our true self as a nation: Life, Liberty and Justice for All.

How many babies and children had to sleep in the cold because they could not afford their electricity bill? What has our society become when we can’t even bring everyone up together. Simply put others before you and they will do the same. Let’s carry a torch of unity and love that will conquer all. We are desensitized by constant war, death and destruction, so peace, love, harmony and unity must be the way. We have a lot of pain that is subconscious. As we move into a nature/technology-based surrounding we have to make a balance of the two. Nature is always king and the way to true understanding is by not being chemicalized.

A society that is forced to keep other classes down is not advanced. If you have a higher class that forces another class to be subservient it is very counterproductive. Although there is a place for everything we all must have as much as we need. Why should we struggle to keep a roof over our head? It should all be provided free by the people as a service exchange based relationship. Life should be a lot more than chasing money. Is that what life is truly about in the end? Most likely on your death bed you will be saying to yourself 80 percent of the time I wish I had shared my love or passion life to help others.

Above all find something in life that gives you passion and excites you and feeds your spirit and soul. Why is it that we cannot run free through the fields any more when we are the viewers of the runners in the field? See what your true meaning in life is and what you can do to help society. What is great about helping others is that you can do it without a penny – or it can be done in the millions. When you help others you’re also helping yourself and all future generations.

Give me liberty not because I deserve it, but because it is my God-given and Earth-born right to live free off the land as long as we are creating harmony. The women of the earth have so much to do with bringing love and nature back. Women have such an amazing symbiotic relationship which needs to be shown to the world. Mother Nature is the giving life force that makes it possible for us to breathe, live, exist and create change through thought.

We are in this garden called America, but it has been tainted with chemicals. We have been shown two roses. One rose is organic and the other is a painted rose on an inanimate rock. The rock has been the solution for over a hundred years, and it’s time to weed out the real roses from the fake ones. The fake rose represents destruction and deceit and the other rose is the true nature that we have to which we must return for the good of humankind before it is too late. We can’t chance our future on a flip of the coin or a roll of the dice. When humanity is on the line it is a fight for all to live a peaceful life

The Art of Mary Jane, the magazine of cannabis culture and Mary Jane girls.

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