Strains are Like Snowflakes…

If you have never smoked marijuana in your life, or if you have and just never paid attention to exactly what you’ve rolled, you may not realize that cannabis strains are as varied as other types of plants. Growing marijuana, for the serious counterculture horticulturalist, involves nurturing various strains of the plants and harvesting a multitude of buds that yield different results.

When it comes to weed, you simply can’t throw a few seeds in a pot and expect to get high come spring, which is why I have great respect for growers who have the patience for this sort of thing. As you realize the true diversity of cannabis, you’ll note that trying different varieties is almost like going out to taste wine. You know a California Chardonnay will differ from a Virginia Viognier and a Portuguese Port by virtue of color and aroma even before you sip, and the same can apply to marijuana.

Recently I came across a site called iStrainGuide, which details over seventy different types! Did you ever think that many styles of cannabis could exist! I can’t name seven varietals of wine grapes, but if you check out iStrainGuide (and there’s an app for that, too), you’ll see photos of each strain along with information on what effects to expect and how it can be used medicinally.

Of course, what the site won’t tell you is where to get the stuff. If you carry an MJ card, however, and have access to a dispensary you at least can go there more informed.

Bobbie Carson writes about cannabis culture and Mary Jane girls.

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