Review of the Incredibowl i420

With my last review of the Magic Box Vaporizer taking you through an extremely popular non-combustible item, this week we explore a modern take on combustibles.

Okay, people, take your concepts of what a pipe or bong is, and turn it upside down, add a bit of ingenuity, and you’ve got the Incredibowl i420.  It looks like something that came out of MacGuyver’s Head Shop.  This thing is really high-tech, but easy to use.  Expensive, though.  This was purchased for $185, putting it at the higher end of pipes.  So, what you get is something that resembles a pipe, that’s for sure.  Looks more in place in a plumber’s toolbox than your stash drawer.

It’s actually clear, the bowl made of glass, but the pipe itself made of a space age polycarbonate.  There are a few screens and some space between the bowl and pipe to help cool the smoke.  You fill one end, the bowl end, you light up and you put your mouth on the open end of the pipe, and draw smoke into the chamber, much like a bong.  Instead of releasing the carb, or pulling out the bowl, the bowl end actually pulls out, spring-loaded.  9 carb holes appear and the slightest draw will rocket the smoke into your lungs with a cool wash of the air behind it.

Yes, it smokes like a decent-sized bong.  The smoke is about as cool as a 12″ bong would cool it, though this thing is much smaller and portable than that.  It will fit in a very large coat pocket.  It seems to be break resistant, though I wouldn’t drop it on purpose.  It’s well made, and I really can’t see how you’d break this with normal use.  It comes apart to clean it, and clean it you must, because this thing does have moving parts.

The breakdown:


  • Cool smoke for its size
  • Lots of smoke for its size
  • Portability and stashability good.  Put it in a toolbox!


  • The price
  • You can’t put ice in it like a bong
  • Did I mention this thing is expensive?

I’d give this a 9 out of 10, but really, this needs to get a little cheaper.  They just came out with the i420M mini model which is smaller and more value priced at around $90.

Bobbie Carson writes about cannabis culture and Mary Jane girls.

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