Free Willie and Worry About Real Problems

I’m sure we’ll all feel much safer knowing a harmless 77-year-old man could go to jail for possession of six ounces of marijuana. Meanwhile, how many truly heinous criminals are bounced in and out of the system after committing unspeakable acts? I realize some will argue that the law is the law, and even somebody as famous as Nelson shouldn’t stand above it, but when I read these kinds of reports it reminds me over and again that possession of cannabis should not be lumped in with acts that stand to do a great deal of harm to everyone involved.

I still find it baffling that a 21-year-old can easily walk into a liquor store and purchase several bottles of alcohol with seemingly no consequence. Of course, alcohol is not illegal – we tried that once, and we know what happened – but put the booze down his throat, then his body behind the wheel of a car and we have a deadly weapon. Yet again, one could argue…well, couldn’t that happen with somebody who smokes a lot pot and drives?

It may, and it may not. But why is one legal and the other not? Why is a beverage capable of altering a person’s mood for the worse okay to purchase in polite society while the bud of a plant – a plant! – is looked upon with fear and abhorred? Why is it that some people are reluctant to consider legalization of an herb that – while it offers mind altering qualities – has been known to assist the ill and infirm and offers amazing economic potential? I don’t consider myself anti-alcohol – I do like a glass of wine on occasion – but  I find it amusing that a product proven to destroy brain cells is perfectly fine and acceptable…until somebody has too much of it and gets into a fight, or picks a fight, or crashes a car into a tree. Then we are left shaking our heads and wondering what could have been done to prevent such needless tragedies.

What of people like Willie Nelson? This arrest notwithstanding, how has his fondness for weed harmed society? He established Farm Aid, which has raised money for US farmers and their families over the last 25 years, has campaigned against cruelty of animals and performs often for various charity concerts.

What about that trouble with the IRS? I say, how is it related to weed? People who don’t smoke marijuana have suffered the same woes.

Somebody suggested to me today that Willie may willingly go to jail in order to make a point. A noble gesture for the marijuana movement, but perhaps it is one that can be achieved in spirit. A man of Nelson’s advanced age, his active lifestyle notwithstanding, suffers a great risk going to prison. Believe me, in order to fight the good fight, we need the good guys healthy, and free.

Bobbie Carson writes about marijuana culture and Mary Jane girls.


Don’t Call Him Shirley

We lost Leslie Nielsen this weekend, a talented actor who managed a rarity in the business – success crossing genres. Much of his early career saw him as a leading man and hero in disaster flicks like The Poseidon Adventure. Later on, he’d become a hit spoofing this very genre in Airplane!

Airplane! is perhaps one of the great classic comedies that should be on any stoner’s Netflix queue. The one scene with Barbara Billingsley (who also passed this year) translating jive is hilarious.

Celebrate the comedy, get a little high tonight.

The Stoner’s Guide to Black Friday

A bit of turkey, a bit of smoke, and pass the pumpkin pie. Hopefully Thanksgiving for you will be an enjoyable time with family and friends and lots of leftovers to satisfy the munchies! If you thought there could be nothing better than two days off and endless football, there’s still the holiday shopping to look forward to.

Yeah, you’re probably cringing at the idea of getting your butt out of the house at 3 AM to camp out in front of Best Buy, but if you look at Black Friday, the biggest holiday shopping day of the year, from a stoner’s perspective, you’ll find you can save yourself some money this year with some cheap relevant gifts. The “official” Black Friday website has leaked a number of major store circulars, so before you make any major purchases be sure to see what is offered where for how much. The plus side of Black Friday is that when you’re done shopping you can sleep well into Saturday!

If you really want to give the gift of peace, love, and great buds, consider a subscription of The Art of Mary Jane Magazine for a friend. It reads right off the laptop or PDA, and is full of gorgeous pictorials and informative articles on marijuana culture. The print edition comes out in 2011, so keep that in mind, too., for one, has begun their sales early (see all the deals here), so you don’t have to leave the house for these. Some good prospects include the latest John Lennon compilation Power to the People for half off, plus deep discounts on Jimi Hendrix, Jakob Dylan, and Kings of Leon. In movies, you can pick up seasons 1&2 of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia for under eleven bucks (down from $40!) and unrated Blu-rays of The Hangover and Hot Tub Time Machine.

If you’re looking for a cool t-shirt or two for your wardrobe, CafePress is offering 15% off your order of $50 or more with the code THANKS15. If you prefer to cyber shop rather than hit the mall, check sites like Retail Me Not for promotional codes, and Woot for awesome one-day deals on gadgets.

Whatever you do end up doing for your holiday shopping, though, save a bit and treat yourself to something nice. Have a great weekend!


Outdoor Marijuana Growing 101

So you have seeds and now you just need those special spots that will turn those seeds into spiritual gold. This is a very complex and important issue that we should start with and that is location! Location! Location! That is the most important thing to start with. This is very important due to security issues, such as theft, animals eating the marijuana, insects, soil composition, solar exposure and temperature. Also, what part of the hemisphere do you live in? The most important is to find the specific seeds that grow well in your distinctive area.

If you were in Alaska there are specific strains that will flower a lot faster and can take cold more. So the first thing you want to do is, find your local laws pertaining to medical marijuana grows and the legalities and how lenient the law enforcement is in your community. If they allow up to a certain amount and the law respects others that have more exposed gardens you can do that. But if there are strict penalties you should hide the plants next to other regular plants tomatoes garden, canopies, etc., but to always make sure the marijuana plants get enough sun in the area. The area that you choose should have full sun on the plant to give it the maximum yield and the highest quality.

The thing is people think they can just plant that seed and come back 4-6 months later and have fabulous bodacious buds. Don’t count on it. Most likely in will be rotted, eaten by animals and producing a bud hardly worth smoking. The worst is the moldy crap -unfortunately you put all this love into your plants and they end up with mold and you give it away. That shit is fucked up and can make people sick. This is GOD’s medicine and should be nurtured and loved, tended and cared for at least 2 to 3 times a week. If the end result is moldy shit throw it away and suck it up. Learn how to grow the right way in your area. If it rains shield it from the rain but so it still gets some significant light.

If you do it, make sure it’s done right. If it won’t work or it’s too risky then just don’t do it. Unfortunately there are those who like to steal all the green thumbs’ work. They should just go grow themselves, partner up and be 100% trustworthy but protect yourself. The whole thing is to make sure you protect yourself and have back-up plans routes and more. This is marijuana and it grows every where, but the golden rule is if it’s not your grow don’t even think twice about touching it – just walk away and grow your own shit!

Also how big do you want these babies? If you get train wreck you’ll only get a few ounces, but say you grow northern lights #5 generation, you can get 1 to 6 pounds depending on your area. If you’re in sunny northern California then you can probably get 3 to 6 pounds, but you have to make that hole huge for the fresh dirt you will be adding. The hole should be at least 4 feet by 3 feet or go big and get a back ho crane and make those holes 5 to 6 feet deep by 4 to 5 feet across. Each hole will take a lot of dirt, so try laying a whole salmon on the bottom just in couple holes, then add a layer of Bat Guano, then a composition of your dirt with dirt that has minerals and growing nutrients for your marijuana plants.

Know the exact cycle when the plants in your area flourish the most for marijuana. Make sure that if you have a 4 month cycle of sun that they have to be flowered out, so you have to get strains that will be ready in 4 months. You can also have different strains that have different cycles. You could have 10 plants at 4 months, 10 plants at 5 months and 10 plants at 6 months where the marijuana is ready at different intervals so that way you can handle trimming and obviously supply and demand.

Seeds are the next most important step, what will I choose and which variety do I use. Well, if you’re an Indica Guy you won’t get as large as a yield as a Sativa or Hybrid. Those are the best for maximum yield for outdoor growing and that usually is the name of the game, because of maintenance, traveling, rentals and everything else can add up so it has to be worth the effort on money invested to reap your rewards for an amazing outdoor marijuana smoke. Don’t let anyone fool you – the best marijuana in the world is straight from the sun, the most medicinal value ever!

Please join The Art of Mary Jane Magazine for the next issue Outdoor Growing 102. We will be having a lot more grow articles that will light your way to a Growers Paradise. Remember above all to respect other grows. If it’s not yours leave it alone. When you put hard work into something and someone takes that away from you, it’s not how marijuana grows. It’s here for everyone as long as you use it for all the right reasons. It is the peaceful herb that has an unlimited source for everyone. When you decide to make moves, do it with honor, commitment and trust, but always have ways to protect yourself – not with guns because there should be on violence over this herb anymore!

The Art of Mary Jane Magazine, the new magazine of marijuana culture and Mary Jane girls.

Is Amsterdam Tourism In Deep Dutch?

Years ago my hairdresser took her vacation in Amsterdam. She’d never been before and looked forward to letting her own hair down for a change. Let me give you some advice: if you know for certain your hairdresser is going on a bender, don’t make an appointment for the week afterward. I came out of her chair looking like Tina Turner circa 1983 after an electrical storm.

Amsterdam has been on my bucket list of places to see for a while, and not necessarily for the freedom allow to enjoy good bud while relaxing in a coffee shop. Every time I’ve thought about going, it brought to mind that short exchange between Vincent and Jules in Pulp Fiction, where Vincent explains European hash bar etiquette, among other things:

So now I’m hearing my dream sojourn may be faced with obstacle, namely the high (heh) probability that Amsterdam will close hemp shops to tourists. I find this move incredibly baffling – while I acknowledge going to Amsterdam just to smoke weed is not the primary tourism draw, I’m sure those shops provide a much-needed boost to the economy. Indeed, for a long time access to the hemp shops was a selling point for people planning their vacations:

The linked article quotes a shop owner as saying 99 percent of his business is tourists. The UK alone accounts for one million visitors to Amsterdam annually – you can imagine the decline should such a ban go into effect. This would be like Disney World going locals only.

The idea behind the ban is to fight the crime rate, which I don’t fully understand. Isn’t the point of having hemp shops to keep the controlled substances in one place? When you take away permission for an out of towner to patronize one of these places, two things could happen:

1) That person will not bother going to Amsterdam at all, taking away money that would have spent there.

2) That person will go to Amsterdam and find a way to obtain weed illegally, and you really haven’t done much for the crime rate.

Will prohibiting marijuana to tourists help reduce the crime rate in Amsterdam, or hurt the city economically? I think of my own country’s history with Prohibition, and we know how that worked out – you took away access to alcohol, and crime actually increased as people sought a way to get it. I won’t turn this observation into commentary on legalizing here, but I will say that if you have a good thing going, why mess with it? Those who don’t partake may still wish to visit Holland, and that’s great. Those who do, however, now have options to go elsewhere.