It’s 420, Turn on the TV

A friend of mine was watching The Price is Right yesterday and noted on her Facebook that she was tired of watching this chick on Contestant’s Row bid $420 on everything. I didn’t catch the show myself, but this morning I took a chance that somebody might have put clips on YouTube. Sure enough…

People who aren’t hip to the 420 reference may likely get annoyed after a while – I know I get irritated when people bid one dollar over and over. Dude, it’s a stereo, you’ve seen them at Best Buy, take a shot and try for a price closer to the real value. Not everybody is going to overbid!

Anyway, if you aren’t a regular viewer (and Drew’s not bad, but he tends to hurry the show along – to me he makes Bob look pretty laid back), you might be surprised to know “420 guy/gal” is not that uncommon an occurrence. Just search YouTube for “price is right 420” and you’ll see the list. Of course, the repeat offenders rarely get to the Showcase Showdown, but once in while the trick works:

Would I try it myself if ever I got to Contestant’s Row? Probably not. I’ll be looking for that $420 slot on the Wheel of Fortune however. 🙂


Review: Magic Box Vaporizer

So it’s time for a little vaporizer review. I’m sure most people know that we’re not talking about something your mom put in your room when you had the flu. Oh, no, we are talking about vaporizing your herbal material rather than smoking it. If you smoke frequently and want to give your lungs a break, having a good herbal vaporizer is a good idea. For those of you new to medicinal marijuana who feel uncomfortable with the prospect of using a bong or rolling up a joint, the vaporizer provides a nice alternative to make sure you get what you need.

According to the Magic Flight Website:

The Magic-Flight Launch Box is a small, fast, portable vaporizer usable by anyone, anywhere, anytime.
It provides a convenient, reliable and efficient alternative to smoking.

As you look at most vaporizers, they are usually larger tabletop boxes with tubing coming out of them, or they are uber-expensive devices used to fill balloons you can pass around. Those are great, in their place. What to do when you need something more portable? Well, at first look, you can see this thing is small. I mean really small!

The storage tin they give you with it is still smaller than the smallest vaporizer on the market, and this one holds the unit, a battery charger, rechargeable batteries, an optional mouthpiece, brush, instructions and a little bag to put it in. The Launch Box is essentially a little wooden box, with a hole for a battery and a little Plexiglass covered slot for your smoking material. The idea is you grind your herb, put a pinch in the unit, then put your re-chargeable battery in its place, and in four seconds, inhale!

Okay, that was pretty good. The vapor is sharper than smoke, you can really taste the herb without the smoke. You can shake it around a little, and push the battery in again and take another hit. You can only take a few minutes’ worth of hits with a single battery, and then you need to use the second battery. Many people who don’t understand this will blame the unit, but trust me, once you understand the design, how it works and how to use it, it’s pretty good.

For people who don’t want that hassle, and who have unlimited funds and no need to hide a large appliance, could buy a Vocano. For people who need to travel, to be stealth, and who want a decent experience should consider this. The weakness with this product is the batteries, and that you only get two and you have to wait for them to charge. You will need more batteries if you are planning on sharing with more than one person.

A lot of reviewers complain that other batteries don’t work with the Launch Box. That couldn’t be further from the truth. You just need to get NiMH batteries of 2200mA or higher – and get this, you have to peel them. No, not with a knife. You just need to peel the plastic logo wrap off of them so they are bare metal. Many people have reported that the Energizer Rechargeables work well with Magic Flight.

I give the Magic Flight Launch Box an 8 out of 10. As a vaporizer alone, it’s just a 7, but the portability is really unparalleled. There is not another vaporizer you can just pull out, fully loaded, out of a normal pocket, unless you’ve got some pretty big pockets! It’s a nice kit, complete with everything but the smoking material and it comes with a lifetime warranty. Did I mention the thing is only 2″x3″x1″? We’ve seen them selling for around $100-120 average.

Pros: small size, vapor quality, price

Cons: battery life, slight learning curve but no different than any vaporizer

Bobbie Carson writes about cannabis culture and stoner culture.

Toke or Treat: Great Snacks for Your Halloween Stash

Please bear in mind we’re not recommending you pass these treats out to the kids coming around your house this year. If you’re planning a wicked party, or just plan to chill out at home with the Great Pumpkin and your worn-out DVD of Rocky Horror, here are few recommended recipes culled from the Internet to set you on a blazin’ Time Warp. Some of these are good to have handy, too, if you’re heading out to the movies and popcorn just won’t do it (Avatar in 3-D, anyone? Mercy!)

Top to bottom, left to right: Chocolate weed truffles, “Scooby snacks,” weed brownies, weed cracker snacks w/Nutella or peanut better, cannabis vodka, cannabis butterscotch pops, cannabis “Oreos”, and weed chocolate chip cookies. Bon appetit!

Marijuana Vs. Alcohol – Which is Safer?

To see such a topic of conversation, one who partakes of neither might say, “Well, aren’t they both bad for you?” While it is true that cannabis – marijuana, Mary Jane, weed, bud, whatever you want to call it – has mind-altering qualities, studies have shown there are benefits of using the plant among those undergoing treatment for cancer and other diseases. Alcohol, by contrast, is cited as having the potential to cause damage to the body, particularly the liver, and effect things like memory and motor skills. Though some studies have reported on health benefits of wine (mainly the tannins, which can have similar properties to antioxidants), nonetheless use and abuse are two things to watch when you drink.

One crux of the debate on marijuana use is legality. Cannabis is illegal to grow, purchase, and possess in many states – depending on where you live, you may be eligible for medicinal marijuana if you qualify. Alcohol is legal to purchase if you are over 21, though one must bear in mind that because it is legal doesn’t mean it is a better substance. Alcohol, though a liquid, is still an addictive drug. Whether it’s wine, beer, or spirits, moderate intake can prove harmless if you refrain from driving or other activity that could put people in harm’s way.

Do you put friends and family at risk when you smoke cannabis? Those next to you may experience a contact high from second-hand smoke, yet what’s interesting to note is a study done at the University of Iowa reported that driving after having smoked marijuana had little effect on skills, though there is still a chance of distraction. These days, however, as people text and drive and work mobile phones and stereos, that level of distraction could prove more deadly than smoking a joint!

Is marijuana safer than alcohol? In truth, there is no cut and dry answer, as consumption and other variants of use come into play. Just as there are different types of alcohol, there are different strains of cannabis, and each can cause different reactions in users. What’s important to note here is that while use of weed or booze can be generally harmless, it is abuse of any vice that causes the problems. Those who use marijuana for recreation or medicinal purposes are not likely to pose a threat to themselves or others if they understand how the drug works. Organizations like NORML, which work toward decriminalization of marijuana, can provide more insight on cannabis benefits for health and financial concerns.

Bobbie Carson writes about cannabis culture and marijuana culture.

Trick, Treat, Puff, Pass – the Best Halloween Costumes for Stoners

Time to string up the orange lights and break out the munchies…save some for the kids coming ’round the house, too. Halloween is almost upon us and no doubt you’re expected to make an appearance at one or two parties. Or, maybe you’re having one yourself and offering your own special “treats.” Now, you may have planned the activities – be it bobbing for bud or reenacting Rocky Horror in your living room – but one of the most important parts of Halloween is often neglected until the last possible minute: what to wear, what to be.

That’s the problem with Halloween. You only have one night to dress up, and infinite possibilities. How many times as a kid did you agonize over choosing between a ninja turtle or Batman, only to wish you’d picked otherwise after seeing the neighbor kid in a better costume than yours? Well, it doesn’t get better when you grow up, but at least if you want to project an ultra-cool persona and keep with a nicely buzzed theme this year you’ll at least be able to narrow down your choices. Just checking the Internet for costume possibilities, we found a sexy medicinal marijuana nurse (one for the ladies to enjoy, too),  the giant walking pot leaf (sure to get a few straight people wondering what they ingested recently), and the human bong. Store-bought outfits, however, tend to look pretty tacky, but if that’s what you’re aiming for have at. Depiction of a true stoner should occur naturally with a bit of creative design and assembly.

Just a word of warning to all you ladies: we know you’re considering a Lady Gaga costume this year, and why not? The lady is smokin’ (possibly quite literally, if what we hear is true)! Bear in mind every other woman in the universe is thinking about this, too, but thankfully the Lady evokes a style that allows for a million Gagas to hit the streets and parties with no two looking alike. With a costume like this, it’s your chance to get creative an inject a touch of cannabis culture into her look. She wrapped her hair in Coke cans once, why not use a pipe or two in your curly wig? Cut up some paper leaf and strategically place them on a bodysuit and become walking advertisement for the beauty of Mary Jane.

As far as the stoner costume goes, men have it much it easier. Seems all you need to do is slap on a pair of sweatpants and the appropriate 420 style t-shirt. Add a black trench coat or wear your ball cap backwards, stick in a “spliff” and you’re set.

Part of pulling off a Silent Bob, a Shaggy, and even a Lady Gaga, is persona and attitude. Whatever you end up wearing this year, channel the inner Halloween freak and be that person. With a good buzz on you are certain to enjoy this hallowed eve when the veil between this world and the next is allegedly thin enough to see through, and maybe hunt down a ghost or two.

Or, if you end up spending the whole evening at home with a bowl while waiting for the Great Pumpkin, at least you’ll look nice doing it.

Bobbie Carson writes about cannabis culture.