The Ladies Love Mary Jane, Too

In Vegas a few years ago I met up with friends in a hotel suite for a pre-concert party, and as expected somebody brought along an “appetizer” of sorts – the finest from Long Beach, so he’d bragged. Partakers gathered in the very large bathroom which, by the time I arrived, resembled something of a sauna Tommy Chong might have adapted for his own use.

A lady friend accompanied me to see all the fuss, and while I was there I toked. “Oh!” she exclaimed, genuinely surprised. “You smoke.”

“Yeah,” I told her. I didn’t see it as a big deal. Women do lots of things – we drink if we choose, we smoke cigarettes, and we eat rich food. Personally, I don’t do the first two, preferring cannabis as a better alternative. To be sure, though, I won’t turn down a lobster or a chocolate cake!

All of the above are vices that don’t seem pegged for a specific gender, but thinking back to how my friend reacted to seeing me accepting the community blunt got me thinking about the mindset of cannabis. Is it really a “man’s thing”? Looking through cannabis culture history, one might think that when you consider the associated humor in Cheech and Chong’s act, and movies like Half Baked and Harold and Kumar which are typically geared toward a younger male audience. It doesn’t mean, of course, that women in general don’t like these things. I’ll take The X-Men over Sex in the City seven times out of ten myself. Different strokes.

Searching the Internet, I found that marijuana as a male thing is not necessarily true. There are organizations like Moms For Marijuana that support legalization (though not all involved may necessarily smoke), and if you look up celebrity tokers you’ll find among them people like Jennifer Aniston, Cameron Diaz, and Kristen Stewart. I’ve known a number of women who smoke or have at one point in their lives. To them it always seemed natural, as natural as the God-given herb, anyway.

From personal experience, too, I can say some men find a Mary Jane girl sexy. During a good buzz I tend to act mellow and enjoy myself, as opposed to some drunk college co-ed who is more likely to thrash around, make an ass of herself, and throw up in somebody’s closet. Smoke effects people differently, too, however, so bear in mind a girl may be toasted but still aware of what is going on around her.

Just as I don’t think it’s fair to stereotype the stoner, the same rule should apply to female smokers. We enjoy all styles of music and movies, some of us may be vegetarian, while others like a nice BLT for lunch. Some of us are into our comfy blue jeans and t-shirt, while others bling up for a night out.

If there’s a lady in your life who partakes by her choice, there’s no reason to treat her differently. She has found her way to relax and stimulate her senses, and maybe you’ll learn something from her. 😉

Bobbie Carson writes about marijuana culture and Mary Jane girls.


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