There’s an App for…Wait, What? Top Apps for Stoners

I would be personally lost without my iTouch. Honestly, I don’t know what my life was like before it (well, that’s not true – I seem to recall spending more time watching TV back then). What I love about my iTouch is that I don’t feel compelled to stay home lest I miss out on an important e-mail or web update. I can have coffee or enjoy a day in the city and check things periodically.

Any type of device like this – the iPhone, BlackBerry, whatever’s your poison – is good to have around. You’ll find there are a few applications the stoner on the go simply needs to make life easier. Here are a few suggestions if you haven’t downloaded them yet.

Cannabis for iTunes – Indispensable if you are set up for medicinal marijuana. The Cannabis App (cost $2.99 in iTunes) is your directly to legal dispensaries around the US, and information on marijuana legalization and reform issues. Please note this app isn’t designed to help you track down a dealer, otherwise every vice cop would have this one!

Herb Converter – For the math impaired, this cheap app (99 cents on iTunes) helps you figure out proper conversion of ounces to grams and pounds to ounces. It’s also handy for use in measuring tea and other herbal remedies.

Book of Illusions – If you’re riding a good buzz and want to blow your mind, have this app on hand and see how well you do discerning the many optical illusion images. You know the pictures, like the one that looks like it could be a woman’s face or the shadow of a cartoon saxophone player. Who knows what else you’ll find?

iRunes – Some friends ask why I smoke. Well, why do people eat chocolate, or go for a run? It’s a pleasure, and I find toking a calming, meditative experience. With this digital app, I can take it to the next level by having my runes read whenever I wish. Of course, this app strictly notes it’s for entertainment purposes only, so I don’t make life-bending decisions based on what I see. Nonetheless, it’s good to have if you’re looking to supplement your mellow.

Yelp – Eventually, you’re gonna get the munchies, so what better app to download than one that recommends the best places to get your food fix. I like Yelp because the user reviews seem honest, and it’s easy to search for the food you crave, where you need it. Couple this with a good GPS app and satisfy your appetite.

Bobbie Carson writes about cannabis culture and stoner culture.


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  1. This app is pretty cool if you’re hight (or not). It makes you hallucinate I have it on the iPhone: and i think it’s free on android:


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