It’s 420, Turn on the TV

A friend of mine was watching The Price is Right yesterday and noted on her Facebook that she was tired of watching this chick on Contestant’s Row bid $420 on everything. I didn’t catch the show myself, but this morning I took a chance that somebody might have put clips on YouTube. Sure enough…

People who aren’t hip to the 420 reference may likely get annoyed after a while – I know I get irritated when people bid one dollar over and over. Dude, it’s a stereo, you’ve seen them at Best Buy, take a shot and try for a price closer to the real value. Not everybody is going to overbid!

Anyway, if you aren’t a regular viewer (and Drew’s not bad, but he tends to hurry the show along – to me he makes Bob look pretty laid back), you might be surprised to know “420 guy/gal” is not that uncommon an occurrence. Just search YouTube for “price is right 420” and you’ll see the list. Of course, the repeat offenders rarely get to the Showcase Showdown, but once in while the trick works:

Would I try it myself if ever I got to Contestant’s Row? Probably not. I’ll be looking for that $420 slot on the Wheel of Fortune however. 🙂

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