Toke or Treat: Great Snacks for Your Halloween Stash

Please bear in mind we’re not recommending you pass these treats out to the kids coming around your house this year. If you’re planning a wicked party, or just plan to chill out at home with the Great Pumpkin and your worn-out DVD of Rocky Horror, here are few recommended recipes culled from the Internet to set you on a blazin’ Time Warp. Some of these are good to have handy, too, if you’re heading out to the movies and popcorn just won’t do it (Avatar in 3-D, anyone? Mercy!)

Top to bottom, left to right: Chocolate weed truffles, “Scooby snacks,” weed brownies, weed cracker snacks w/Nutella or peanut better, cannabis vodka, cannabis butterscotch pops, cannabis “Oreos”, and weed chocolate chip cookies. Bon appetit!

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