Trick, Treat, Puff, Pass – the Best Halloween Costumes for Stoners

Time to string up the orange lights and break out the munchies…save some for the kids coming ’round the house, too. Halloween is almost upon us and no doubt you’re expected to make an appearance at one or two parties. Or, maybe you’re having one yourself and offering your own special “treats.” Now, you may have planned the activities – be it bobbing for bud or reenacting Rocky Horror in your living room – but one of the most important parts of Halloween is often neglected until the last possible minute: what to wear, what to be.

That’s the problem with Halloween. You only have one night to dress up, and infinite possibilities. How many times as a kid did you agonize over choosing between a ninja turtle or Batman, only to wish you’d picked otherwise after seeing the neighbor kid in a better costume than yours? Well, it doesn’t get better when you grow up, but at least if you want to project an ultra-cool persona and keep with a nicely buzzed theme this year you’ll at least be able to narrow down your choices. Just checking the Internet for costume possibilities, we found a sexy medicinal marijuana nurse (one for the ladies to enjoy, too),  the giant walking pot leaf (sure to get a few straight people wondering what they ingested recently), and the human bong. Store-bought outfits, however, tend to look pretty tacky, but if that’s what you’re aiming for have at. Depiction of a true stoner should occur naturally with a bit of creative design and assembly.

Just a word of warning to all you ladies: we know you’re considering a Lady Gaga costume this year, and why not? The lady is smokin’ (possibly quite literally, if what we hear is true)! Bear in mind every other woman in the universe is thinking about this, too, but thankfully the Lady evokes a style that allows for a million Gagas to hit the streets and parties with no two looking alike. With a costume like this, it’s your chance to get creative an inject a touch of cannabis culture into her look. She wrapped her hair in Coke cans once, why not use a pipe or two in your curly wig? Cut up some paper leaf and strategically place them on a bodysuit and become walking advertisement for the beauty of Mary Jane.

As far as the stoner costume goes, men have it much it easier. Seems all you need to do is slap on a pair of sweatpants and the appropriate 420 style t-shirt. Add a black trench coat or wear your ball cap backwards, stick in a “spliff” and you’re set.

Part of pulling off a Silent Bob, a Shaggy, and even a Lady Gaga, is persona and attitude. Whatever you end up wearing this year, channel the inner Halloween freak and be that person. With a good buzz on you are certain to enjoy this hallowed eve when the veil between this world and the next is allegedly thin enough to see through, and maybe hunt down a ghost or two.

Or, if you end up spending the whole evening at home with a bowl while waiting for the Great Pumpkin, at least you’ll look nice doing it.

Bobbie Carson writes about cannabis culture.

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